Waterfall to Agile Development

I recently came across an interesting situation while developing a module for an existing website. The project required us to take an existing satellite website, make it responsive and incorporate it into the organizations main website; and, this is the interesting bit, make it work ‘as is’. The requirements for the module were fairly simple; […]

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Estimating in Agile Scrum

In my experience estimating the size of work is one of the hardest things for an agile team to get their heads around. Teams new to the agile Scrum process may be more used to estimating work in terms of hour, however these estimates are often inaccurate as they are done before any work commences […]

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Agile wall

Why Agile?

Having spent the last year leading a cross-functional team on the development of Historic England‘s new website, supported by a great management team who fought hard to keep the business from switching to a waterfall process for a good portion of that time, I wanted to share the benefits of the agile process with the wider community. […]

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