Auditing the health and safety aspects of any work environment can be challenging, but faced with trying to record issues that can not only be catastrophic to the environment, but endanger lives as well presented BP with some very real challenges; a solution was needed to easily and effectively capture, record and report issues as soon as they arose so they could be prioritised and fixed as soon as possible.

Ardorcom designed BP’s health and safety application to provide engineers with a tool that allowed then to do just that. Time was spent working with engineers to understand the specific needs and issues to address. One of the biggest problems was engineers did not always have access to the Internet; some refineries are in some remote regions of the world, therefore¬†data had to be stored on their device and synchronise with a central database once access to the Internet could be established. Ardorcom designed and developed functionality that allowed the engineers to do this seamlessly.

Client BP

Published 2012

Project categories: Development, UX, Web Design

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